Universal is a platform for building web-based IT tools.
Universal is a cross-platform solution for developing web-based tools with PowerShell. It currently provides three main features which include APIs, Automation and Dashboards.
Universal provides an Administrator console, management REST API, PowerShell cmdlets and a idempotent configuration system using PowerShell scripts.
    Build REST endpoints with PowerShell
    Accept common HTTP verbs
    Process request bodies
    Build dynamic URLs with route parameters and query strings
    Run scripts and view output, pipeline output, and parameters
    Respond to feedback from cmdlets like Read-Host
    Schedule scripts with CRON or one-time schedules
    Automatically build input forms based on param blocks
    Set variables and secrets that can be used throughout scripts
    Build web pages with PowerShell script
    Include input forms, charts and tables
    Build interactive websites with buttons, message boxes and more
    Cross-platform and supported on Windows and Linux
    Git integration for configuration files, scripts and dashboards
    Built-in authentication and authorization
    Support for Windows PowerShell as well as PowerShell


Universal is licensed per feature and per server. You do not need to buy the entire platform if you would like to use a single piece of functionality. Visit our website for more information on pricing.

Free to Use

Universal offers a lot of functionality for free. Below is a list of the features that require a paid license.


You can run as many APIs are you want for free. You will need to purchase a license if you would like to enable authentication, authorization and rate limiting.


With the free version of Automation you can run up to 25 jobs a day with 2 jobs running concurrently. You will need a license to use triggers.


With the free version of dashboard, you can run unauthenticated dashboards. You will not have access to the diagnostics or console pages.
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