PowerShell Universal editor.
The editor controls within the PowerShell Universal admin console provide a rich editing experience for PowerShell users. You will be able to take advantage of IntelliSense, formatting and parser error support.


All editors within PowerShell Universal will provide IntelliSense. You should be able to complete commands, parameters, built-in variables, and paths.
There are a couple of caveats with IntelliSense.
IntelliSense runs within the PowerShell Universal server
It does not rely on a configured environment to function. It runs within the PowerShell server process so will be using the current version of PowerShell 7 referenced by the server.
Universal Modules are Available
Modules provided with PowerShell Universal are automatically included. You will see IntelliSense for the following modules.
  • Universal
  • UniversalDashboard
  • UniversalDashboard.Charts
  • UniversalDashboard.CodeEditor
  • UniversalDashboard.Editor
  • UniversalDashboard.Map
  • UniversalDashboard.Style
Modules included in PSModulePath are Available
Any module installed into a PSModulePath will be available in IntelliSense.
Live Variables are Not Supported
You will have access to built-in variables such as ConfirmPreference and Host but will not see variables specific to PowerShell Universal.


You can use the Invoke-Formatter command of PSScriptAnalyzer within your scripts. You will need to install PSScriptAnalyzer to your PSModulePath in order to use this functionality. You can format by right clicking within the editor and selecting Format or by pressing F8.

Syntax Errors

Syntax errors will be shown as red squiggles within the editor. Hovering over them will provide information about why the syntax error is present.
Syntax Errors
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