A text editor component for Universal Dashboard.

Available in PowerShell Universal 2.5 or later.

The editor component is available in the UniversalDashboard.Editor component library. You will have to add it to your dashboard to be able to use the editor component.

The editor component is based on Editor.js. It's a block editor that accepts text, links, lists, code and images.

When working with the editor, you can receive data about the current document via the OnChange parameter. By default, data is returned in the Editor.js JSON format.

Creating an Editor

To create a basic editor, use the New-UDEditor cmdlet.


The editor will be available and you can add new blocks by clicking the plus button.

Working with Data

If you define a script block for the -OnChange event handler. The $EventData variable will contain the current status of the editor. By default, this returns the Editor.JS JSON block format.

New-UDEditor -OnChange {
    Show-UDToast $EventData

You can also use the HTML render plugin by specifying the -Format parameter.

New-UDEditor -OnChange {
    Show-UDToast $EventData
} -Format 'html'

To specify the default data for the editor, use the -Data parameter. You need to specify the JSON block format.

New-UDEditor -Data $Data



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