Table component for PowerShell Universal pages.

Tables allow you to display the output of APIs and scripts in rows and columns. Each object returned by the data source will create a row within the table. You can customize the columns of the table.

Selecting a Data Source

Both APIs and Scripts are supported by tables. When selecting an API, the API will be executed each time the page is loaded. When selecting a script, the last job run of the script will provide the output.

When columns are not defined, all the properties of the objects will be displayed.

Customizing Columns

You can customize the columns that are selected when displaying data.


Basic columns will select the properties defined and display the text.

In this example, we are selecting the name and service type from a call to Get-Service.

The resulting table only has these two properties displayed.


Buttons can be added to columns to provide functionality for each row. Clicking the button will provide the target with the row data via the $InputObject parameter.

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