Custom job queues for scripts.

You can assign computers to queues by using application settings. By default, every computer is assigned to the default queue and a queue specific to the computer itself. When you assign a computer to a custom queue, that queue will be available in the admin console and you can use the queue for ad-hoc script execution and schedules.

Queues with no active computers will queue jobs indefinitely.

Configure a Queue

To a configure a computer to a specific queue, use the UniversalAutomation \ Queues setting.


Assign a machine to a queue using an appsettings.json file.

"UniversalAutomation": {
    "Queues": ["windows7"],

Environment Variable

Assign a machine to a queue using an environment variable.

$ENV:UniversalAutomation__Queues = "windows7"

Using a Custom Queue

Custom queues will be available within the Computer drop down in the script Run dialog, and trigger, script and schedule properties.

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