The page shows how to use the Universal Dashboard marketplace.

The Universal Dashboard Marketplace is a PowerShell Gallery module aggregator. It synchronizes with the PowerShell Gallery on an hourly basis to find modules that can be used with Universal Dashboard.

Automatic Install from the Marketplace

Within PowerShell Universal, you can access the Universal Dashboard Marketplace by navigating to the Dashboards page and clicking the Marketplace button in the top right.

Once installed, the component will be listed on the Dashboard Components page. You can access this by clicking Dashboards and then the Components button in the top right.

To add the component to a dashboard, navigate to the Dashboard Details and then click the Add Component button.

The drawer will show which components are already added and which components can be added. Click the add button to activate the component for the dashboard.

You can install any of the components from the Marketplace by using the Install-Module or Save-Module cmdlets provided by PowerShellGet. Since the components are just listed on the PowerShell Gallery, you'll be able to use their module name during install.

Install-Module UniversalDashboard.Helmet

Depending on how the components were installed, you may need to import the module in your dashboard file.

import-Module UniversalDashboard.Helmet

Publishing to the Universal Dashboard Marketplace

You can follow the directions on the Building Custom Components page on how to publish components to the Universal Dashboard Marketplace.

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