Hotkey support for PowerShell Universal Desktop.
Available in PowerShell Universal 2.8 or later. Requires a license.
PowerShell Universal Desktop supports global hotkeys that can be used to invoke scripts with key chords.

Define a Hotkey

To define a hotkey, you will need to edit the hotkeys.ps1 file in the .universal folder or through the Settings \ Configurations page within the Admin Console.
Hotkeys are defined using the New-PSUHotkey cmdlet. For example, the following will invoke MyScript.ps1 when Ctrl+I is pressed anywhere within Windows.
New-PSUHotkey -Key I -ModifierKey Ctrl -Script 'MyScript.ps1'


You can define which environment the hotkey runs within by using the -Environment parameter.
New-PSUHotkey -Key I -ModifierKey Ctrl -Script 'MyScript.ps1' -Environment 'pwsh'


You can define parameters passed to the script by using the dynamic parameters provided by New-PSUHotKey.
For example, if a script accepts a -Parameter1 parameter, you can define that on New-PSUHotKey.
Within the hotkey, just use -Parameter1.
New-PSUHotkey -Key I -ModifierKey Ctrl -Script 'MyScript.ps1' -Parameter1 'Test'