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A single pane of glass for managing and delegating access to your automation environment.
PowerShell Universal Admin Console
A single pane of glass for managing and delegating access to your automation environment.
Universal provides an Administrator console, management REST API, PowerShell cmdlets and an idempotent configuration system using PowerShell scripts.


Expose scripts as RESTful HTTP APIs for integration from any platform.
Execute PowerShell with HTTP


Execute, schedule, secure and audit scripts in an easy-to-use, web-interface.
Run PowerShell Scripts

User Interfaces

Build web-based tools for internal users with highly interactive user interfaces that run your scripts.
Universal Dashboard


PowerShell Universal is cross-platform and can be hosted on-premises, in the cloud or even on a Raspberry Pi.
Host in Azure


Grant role-based access to different aspects of your automation environment with your choice of authentication and authorization integrations.
Security Settings


Create desktop automation and user interfaces that integrate with features of Windows.


Take advantage of rich development tools such as IntelliSense, code formatting, error checking and debugger integration without leaving your browser.
Development Tools in PowerShell Universal


Configure the platform to meet the needs of your environment.
Module Management


Join the growing community of users managing their automation environments with PowerShell Universal.
Community Forums


Universal is licensed per server. Visit our website for more information on pricing.
Many features of PowerShell Universal are free.
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