PowerShell Universal is licensed per server. We provide licenses for individuals and organizations.
You can purchase a license on our website.

What's a server?

A server is a single running instance of PowerShell Universal.

What if I have multiple containers?

The license applies to each container instance and not the container host. For example, if you have 10 container instances running, you will need 10 licenses.

What if I have multiple sites on a single IIS server?

Each website running PowerShell Universal will need a license and not a single license for the entire IIS server.

Install a License

To install a license, click Settings \ License. Click the Add License button to upload your license file.

Developer Licenses

When a server license is purchased, you will be able to generate developer licenses for users building solutions for your team. Developer licenses do not allow remote access and are intended to be used locally. Do not use developer licenses when hosting a server for remote access for testing or production.
You can generate a developer license on the Settings \ License page by clicking the Generate Developer License button.
Generate Developer License

Free Use Restrictions

Universal can be used forever for free with the following limitations.


  • No authentication
  • No Rate Limiting


  • 25 jobs per day
  • 2 concurrent jobs
  • No Triggers
  • No Terminals


  • No authentication
  • No access to diagnostic tools


  • No authentication
  • No variables


  • No debugging tools
  • No SQL Server Support