Extension Changelog

Changelog for the Visual Studio Code extension for PowerShell Universal.

1.9.0 - 6/1/2021

  • Added support for self configuration in PowerShell Universal v2

1.8.2 - 4/15/2021

  • Fixed an issue where endpoints.ps1 and dashboards.ps1 could not be opened remotely

1.8.1 - 3/4/2021

  • Fixed an issue where the Local Editing setting was on by default

  • Added an error message when a local file isn't found

1.8.0 - 3/1/2021

  • Added Local Editing Setting to edit files locally rather than via the REST API.

1.7.5 - 2/25/2021

  • Scripts are now sorted by name alphabetically

  • An error is now shown when the extension cannot connect to PowerShell Universal

  • Removed the auto-import of UD and PSU modules. We recommend you install these from the PowerShell Gallery

Install-Module Universal
Install-Module UniversalDashboard

1.7.4 - 1/21/2021

  • Fixed an issue where the extension would fail to initialize on non-internet connected machines.

1.7.3 - 12/31/2020


  • Simplified first-time start up to attempt to connect with default settings to avoid having to do any configuration manually.

1.7.2 - 12/30/2020


  • Settings for controlling the sample browser


  • Improved the error message returned when attempting to automatically grant an app token and it fails.

1.7.1 - 12/29/2020


  • Added a Sample Browser for inserting samples from the PowerShell Universal Samples Repository

1.7.0 - 12/28/2020

Breaking Change: This version of the extension only works with version 1.5.0 or later of PowerShell Universal


  • Added a version check for notification there is a new version of Universal

  • Added a URL setting for connecting to PowerShell Universal

  • Added new connection workflow to make it easier and more clear on how to connect to Universal.


  • The extension now uses the REST API to make changes to configuration scripts

  • Deprecated the Port and Computer name settings in favor of the URL setting

  • The extension no longer automatically downloads PowerShell Universal



  • Fixed issue when attempting to download on Windows or Mac

  • Fixed issue where extension would not work with Mac OS X



  • Added support for Debug-PSUDashboard


  • Replaced PowerShell Versions with Environments in the configuration tree view



  • Fixed an issue where the extension wouldn't activate correctly.



  • Add a command for manually refreshing the PSU configuration


  • Fixed an issue where components wouldn't import correctly



  • Added a setting to disable starting the PowerShell Universal server on extension activation.


  • Extension will fail to activate after a number of retries while connecting to the Universal server.


  • Added support configuration files.


  • Added support for scripts and jobs.


  • Added support for APIs


  • Initial release

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