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Get started with PowerShell Universal

Install PowerShell Universal

You'll need to install the PowerShell Universal server. There are a lot of ways to do so but you can use the command line below to get started quickly.

You can install PowerShell Universal as a service using Chocolatey.

choco install powershelluniversal

Open PowerShell Universal

By default, PowerShell Universal is running on port 5000 of localhost. You can access the admin console with the user name admin and any password.

PowerShell Universal Visual Studio Code Extension

We recommend installing the PowerShell Universal Visual Studio Code Extension to provide the best possible editing experience.

You can connect to your instance of PowerShell Universal, browse and insert samples and get up and running right away.

Install the Extension

Install the extension by searching for it in the extension page and clicking Install.

Connect to PowerShell Universal

Click the PowerShell Universal icon on the left hand side and the extension will attempt to connect using the default URL and user name. The extension will notify you once it has connected.

Inserting a Sample

Samples are available via the sample browser. You can select a sample and insert it into your PowerShell Universal instance. You'll need to save the file that is opened by Visual Studio Code for the sample to be inserted.

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