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Documentation on how to customize the login page.

This feature requires any type of PowerShell Universal license.

The login page colors, image, copyright and title can be customized by editing the .universal/loginPage.ps1 file.

Customizing the login page

You can host an image by using Published Folders. In this example, we have a dbatools.png file in our local folder.

Next, we can create a loginPage.ps1 file in the repository folder. Add the various colors, text and image URL to customize the login page. As soon as you save this file, you can refresh the login page to see the result.

$LoginPage = @{
 PrimaryColor = '#5c2751' 
 Title = 'DBATools Web Portal'
 Copyright = 'DBATools 2020' 
 HeaderFontColor = 'white'
 HeaderColor = '#4bc0d9' 
 SecondaryColor = '#6457a6'
 SecondaryFontColor = 'white'
 Image = 'http://localhost:5000/images/dbatools.png'

New-PSULoginPage @LoginPage

This login page looks like this.

This documentation is for the upcoming 1.6 release.

You can add links to other web pages by using the New-PSULoginPageLink cmdlet.

$LoginPage = @{
    Links = @(
        New-PSULoginPageLink -Text 'Google' -Url 'http://www.google.com'
        New-PSULoginPageLink -Text 'Microsoft' -Url 'http://www.microsoft.com'

New-PSULoginPage @LoginPage

Links will appear at the top of the page.

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