Custom job queues for scripts.

Queues are deprecated and will be removed in version 5. They have been replaced by Computer Groups.

You can assign computers to queues by using application settings. By default, every computer is assigned to the default queue and a queue specific to the computer itself. When you assign a computer to a custom queue, that queue will be available in the admin console and you can use the queue for ad-hoc script execution and schedules.

Queues with no active computers will queue jobs indefinitely.

Configure a Queue

To a configure a computer to a specific queue, use the UniversalAutomation \ Queues setting.


Assign a machine to a queue using an appsettings.json file.

"UniversalAutomation": {
    "Queues": ["windows7"],

Environment Variable

Assign a machine to a queue using an environment variable.

$ENV:UniversalAutomation__Queues = "windows7"

Using a Custom Queue

Custom queues will be available within the Computer drop down in the script Run dialog, and trigger, script and schedule properties.

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