System Events

Launch scripts when certain events happen in Windows.

System events subscribe to WMI events within Windows and run scripts. You can then take action by running scripts.

Defining a System Event

To define a system event, you can use the New-PSUSystemEvent cmdlet within the systemEvents.ps1 file. The following example triggers the systemEvent.ps1 script when a pwsh.exe process is started.

New-PSUSystemEvent -Script "systemEvent.ps1" -Environment "Default" -Credential "Default" -Type "Create" -Condition "TargetInstance isa `"Win32_Process`" and TargetInstance.Name = `"pwsh.exe`"" -Name "PowerShell Started"

Accessing Event Data

When a script is executed, you will receive a $TargetInstance parameter. This contains the WMI object that caused the event to trigger.


New-BurntToastNotification -Text "PowerShell Started! $TargetInstance"

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