Changelog (Beta)

Changelog for the PowerShell Universal 1.6 beta.

MSI upgrades of the beta are not supported. Please uninstall and then reinstall to upgrade.

1.6.0-beta3 - 4/19/2021

  • Fixed issue with upgrades from 1.5

  • Fixed issue where script parameters would not work in the admin console

  • Fixed issue with login page customizations

  • Fixed issue with UDStyle component missing from package

  • Fixed issue with incorrect version of UDv3 specified

  • Fixed issue where a dashboard with authentication would show blank pages.

  • Merged all fixes for 1.5.16 to 1.6

1.6.0-beta2 - 4/6/2021


  • Fixed an issue where the Create button would be absent in the UI

  • Fixed an issue with module code signing

  • Fixed an issue where job pipeline output was not stored correctly

1.6.0-beta1 - 4/5/2021


  • New Admin Console

  • Plugin System

  • Tags

  • Access controls for scripts