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Export-CSV Download

This sample shows how to generate data with Export-CSV and send it to the user via a download.
New-UDButton -Text 'Generate Report' -OnClick {
$TempFile = New-TemporaryFile
Get-Process | Select-Object -First 5 | Export-CSV -Path $TempFile
$Csv = Get-Content -Path $TempFile -Raw
Remove-Item $TempFile
Start-UDDownload -StringData $Csv -FileName 'processes.csv' -ContentType 'text/csv'
} -ShowLoading
This sample collects the first 5 processes and outputs them to a temporary CSV using Export-CSV and then uses Start-UDDownload to send the data to the end user.
Note that the CSV is saved to the server using a temporary file and then read into memory using Get-Content. That content is then downloaded via the end user's browser.
-ShowLoading is used on the button to display feedback to the user while the download is prepared.