Tree View

Tree view component for Universal Apps.

New-UDTreeView allows you to create a tree of items and, optionally, dynamically expand the list when clicked.

Basic Tree View

Create a basic tree view by using the New-UDTreeNode cmdlet.

New-UDTreeView -Node {
    New-UDTreeNode -Name 'Level 1' -Children {
        New-UDTreeNode -Name 'Level 2 - Item 1' 
        New-UDTreeNode -Name 'Level 2 - Item 2'
        New-UDTreeNode -Name 'Level 2 - Item 3' -Children {
            New-UDTreeNode -Name 'Level 3'

Dynamic Tree View

Dynamic tree views allow you to run PowerShell whenever a node is clicked. You can then return a list of nodes that should be rendered underneath the clicked node. You can also take other actions such as opening a modal or showing a toast.

New-UDDashboard -Title 'File System' -Content {
    Get-PSDrive -PSProvider 'FileSystem' | ForEach-Object {
        New-UDTreeView -Node { New-UDTreeNode -Name $_.Name -Id "$($_.Name):\" } -OnNodeClicked {
            Get-ChildItem $EventData.Id | ForEach-Object {
                New-UDTreeNode -Name $_.Name -Id $_.FullName -Leaf:$(-not $_.PSIsContainer)


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