Backdrop component for Universal Apps.

The backdrop component places an overlay over the drop of the entire page. It's useful for displaying loading states.

Basic Backdrop

To create a basic backdrop, you can use the New-UDBackdrop cmdlet and include content to show within the backdrop. The content will be centered on the page. To show the backdrop, use the -Open switch parameter.

New-UDBackdrop -Content {
    New-UDTypography -Text "Loading..." -Variant h2
} -Open

OnClick Handler

The backdrop provides an -OnClick handler that you can use to close the backdrop when clicked. You can use Set-UDElement to open and close the backdrop.

New-UDBackdrop -Id 'backdrop' -Content {
    New-UDTypography -Text "Loading..." -Variant h2
} -Open -OnClick {
    Set-UDElement -Id 'backdrop' -Properties @{
        open = $false


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