Check component for Universal Apps

Checkboxes allow the user to select one or more items from a set.


Checkboxes can be disabled and checked by default

New-UDCheckBox -Disabled
New-UDCheckBox -Checked $true
New-UDCheckBox -Checked $true -Disabled

Checkboxes with custom icon

Create checkboxes that use any icon and style.

$Icon = New-UDIcon -Icon angry -Size lg -Regular
$CheckedIcon = New-UDIcon -Icon angry -Size lg
New-UDCheckBox -Icon $Icon -CheckedIcon $CheckedIcon -Style @{color = '#2196f3'}

Checkboxes with onChange script block

Create checkboxes that fire script blocks when changed.

New-UDCheckBox -OnChange {
    Show-UDToast -Title 'Checkbox' -Message $Body

Checkbox with custom label placement

You can adjust where the label for the checkbox is placed.

New-UDCheckBox -Label 'Demo' -LabelPlacement start
New-UDCheckBox -Label 'Demo' -LabelPlacement top
New-UDCheckBox -Label 'Demo' -LabelPlacement bottom
New-UDCheckBox -Label 'Demo' -LabelPlacement end

Get the value of a Checkbox

You can use Get-UDElement to get the value of the checkbox. Get-UDElement will also return other properties of the checkbox component.

The following example shows a toast message with the value of the checkbox.

New-UDCheckbox -Id 'MyCheckbox' 

New-UDButton -Text 'Get Value' -OnClick {
    Show-UDToast -Message (Get-UDElement -Id 'MyCheckbox').checked


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