Date Picker

Date Picker component for Universal Apps

Date pickers pickers provide a simple way to select a single value from a pre-determined set.

Date pickers can be used in Forms and Steppers.


OnChange Event Handler

The OnChange event handler is called when the date changes. You can access the current date by using the $Body variable.

New-UDDatePicker -OnChange {
    Show-UDToast -Message $body


You can customize how the date picker is shown. The default is the inline variant that displays the date picker popup in line with the input control. The static variant displays the date picker without having to click anything.

New-UDDatePicker -Variant static


To set the locate of the date picker, specify the -Locale parameter.

New-UDDatePicker -Locale fr

Minimum and Maximum

By default, the user can select any date. To specify minimum and maximum dates, using the -Minimum and -Maximum parameters.

New-UDDatePicker -Minimum ((Get-Date).AddDays(-15)) -Maximum ((Get-Date).AddDays(15))


You can limit which portions of the date picker are included by using the -Views parameter. For example, if you wanted to remove the year selector and limit to the current year, you could do the following.

$Year = (Get-Date).Year
$MinDate = [DateTime]::new($year, 1, 1)
$MaxDate = [DateTime]::new($year, 12, 31)
New-UDDatePicker -Views "day" -MinimumDate $MinDate -MaximumDate $MaxDate


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