Textbox component for Universal Dashboard
A textbox lets users enter and edit text.


New-UDTextbox -Label 'Standard' -Placeholder 'Textbox'
New-UDTextbox -Label 'Disabled' -Placeholder 'Textbox' -Disabled
New-UDTextbox -Label 'Textbox' -Value 'With value'

Password Textbox

A password textbox will mask the input.
New-UDTextbox -Label 'Password' -Type password


You can create a multiline textbox by using the -Multiline parameter. Pressing enter will add a new line. You can define the number of rows and the max number of rows using -Rows and -RowsMax.
New-UDTextbox -Multiline -Rows 4 -RowsMax 10


Retrieving a textbox value

You can use Get-UDElement to get the value of a textbox
New-UDTextbox -Id 'txtExample'
New-UDButton -OnClick {
$Value = (Get-UDElement -Id 'txtExample').value
Show-UDToast -Message $Value
} -Text "Get textbox value"

Setting the textbox value

New-UDTextbox -Id 'txtExample' -Label 'Label' -Value 'Value'
New-UDButton -OnClick {
Set-UDElement -Id 'txtExample' -Properties @{
Value = "test123"
} -Text "Get textbox value"


You can set the icon of a textbox by using the -Icon parameter and the New-UDIcon cmdlet.
New-UDTextbox -Id "ServerGroups" -Icon (New-UDIcon -Icon 'server') -Value "This is my server"


The textbox mask is accomplished using react-imask. You can specify RegEx and pattern matching.
This example creates a mask for US based phone numbers.
New-UDTextbox -Mask "+1 (000) 000-0000"


The default behavior of -Mask is to return the masked value in forms and Get-UDElement. You can return the unmasked value by specifying the -Unmask parameter.
New-UDTextbox -Mask "+1 (000) 000-0000" -Unmask


The -OnEnter event handler is executed when the user presses enter in the text field. It is useful for performing other actions, like clicking a button, on enter.
New-UDTextbox -OnEnter {
Invoke-UDEndpoint -Id 'submit'
New-UDButton -Id 'submit' -OnClick {
Show-UDToast -Message 'From Textbox'


The -OnBlur event handler is executed when the textbox loses focus.
New-UDTextbox -OnBlur {
Show-UDToast "Blurred"


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