Role Based Access

Role based access for apps.

Apps Roles

When app authentication is enabled, you can define the role that a user must be a part of in order to access the dashboard. Roles are configured on the Settings \ Security page or from within the roles.ps1 configuration file.
If a user attempts to visit an app that they do not have access to, they will be presented with a Not Authorized page.

Pages Roles

You can also show or hide pages based on roles. To define a role for a page, use the -Role parameter of New-UDPage. Only users of the specified role will have access to this page.
New-UDPage -Role 'Administrators' -Content {
New-UDTypography -Text 'Admins only'

$Roles Variable

In addition to app and page roles, you can also check with roles a user is a part of by using the $Roles variable that is available within Apps. This variable contains an array of the roles that are assigned to the user.
For example, you could show the Restart-Computer button to only Administrators.
if ($Roles -contains "Administrator") {
New-UDButton -Text 'Restart Server' -OnClick {
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