Changelog for PowerShell Universal.

5.0.0-beta4 - 5/6/2024


  • Fixed an issue with the header tab on the API test page

  • Fixed an issue with API Docs (#3311)


  • Fixed an issue where error messages would be written twice in the output log (#3305)

  • Fixed an issue with creating schedules.

  • Fixed an issue with one-time schedules


  • Added permission enforcement for all cmdlets

  • Fixed an issue with OIDC authentication

  • Fixed an issue with the default authentication warning being shown even when authentication was configured.

  • Fixed an issue with the integrated security context for PSU cmdlets

  • Reduced server start up time

  • Fixed an issue logging in with demo mode

  • Fixed an issue with New-PSUPublishedFolder

  • Fixed a performance issue with the admin console

5.0.0-beta3 - 4/29/2024


  • Added inline script debugging terminal


  • Added granular permissions throughout the platform

  • Added custom module editor

  • Implemented gRPC cmdlets across the platform

5.0.0-beta2 - 4/10/2024


  • Added API Test Tab

  • Added Invoke-PSUEndpoint


  • Added Terminals and Terminal History pages

  • Added folders for scripts

  • Added new columns to the jobs table


  • Added a process that checks for module updates

  • Added a health check that verifies an environment exists

  • Added tags for variables

5.0.0-beta1 - 3/11/2024

Major Features

  • New Admin Console based on Blazor

  • PostgreSQL support

  • Blazor Apps

  • Script Library

Breaking Changes

  • PowerShell Universal defaults to SQLite

  • PowerShell App designer has been removed

  • LiteDB Support has been removed

  • Removed support for pages

  • Removed -Mask from New-UDTextbox

PowerShell Apps

  • Added -Sx to New-UDBadge (#2878)

  • Added -RemoveMargin to New-UDCard

  • Added -SelectedTabIndex to New-UDTabs (#2897)

  • Remove mandatory on text for New-UDMenuItem (#2906)

  • Added -Enhanced to New-UDTransferList (#2888)

  • Fix issue with New-UDAutocomplete always being fullwidth (#2949)

  • Fix issue with New-UDTextbox date hand enter (#3006)

  • Added -DisableArcLinkLabels and -DisableArcLabels to New-UDNivoChart (#2907)

  • Fix issue with 'line' Chartjs issue (#2871)

  • Added module support for apps (#2177)


  • Added -ApiBaseFolder to Set-PSUSettings (#2794)


  • Added -HideChildren, -HideTriggered, -HideScheduled to Get-PSUJob (#2444)

  • Added a page to view jobs for a schedule (#1377)

  • JobRunId has been promoted from an experimental to a full feature (#2799)

  • Added support for script documentation (#2743)


  • Added an option for updating git submodules during a pull (#2889)

  • Computers and computer groups are now visible in single-node environments (#2915)

  • Added Pause Git Sync button (#2994)

  • Customize logged out page (#2643)

  • Added configuration settings for the loading page

  • Improved the access denied error for the CPU health check (#2671)

  • Added support for customizing the table name for log entries in SQL and PostgreSQL (#2786)

  • Added a page to view all tagged resources (#1302)

  • Added support for uploading to Published Folders (#2555)

  • Added support for database cache

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