End user portal for PowerShell Universal services.

The PowerShell Universal Portal provides a single location your end users can go to access resources and services you have developed in PowerShell Universal. The following resources will be shown the portal when they are assigned to a user's role.

  • API Documentation

  • Scripts

  • Blazor Apps

  • PowerShell Apps

When a user visits the portal, they will be shown a searchable list of the resources you have assigned.

Clicking Open on API Documentation, Blazor Apps or PowerShell Apps will open the linked resource. Clicking Open on a Script will display the rendered script markdown documentation and allow the user to enter any parameters.

You can choose how the script is displayed after it is run. By default, it will simply display a success of failure message. You can also choose to display the output text from the script.

A history page is also provided to allow the users to see a record of the scripts that were run.

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