Paper component for Universal Apps

In Material Design, the physical properties of paper are translated to the screen.

The background of an application resembles the flat, opaque texture of a sheet of paper, and an application’s behavior mimics paper’s ability to be re-sized, shuffled, and bound together in multiple sheets.


New-UDPaper -Elevation 0 -Content {} 
New-UDPaper -Elevation 1 -Content {} 
New-UDPaper -Elevation 3 -Content {}

Square Paper

By default, paper will have rounded edges. You can reduce the rounding by using a square paper.

New-UDPaper -Square -Content {}

Colored Paper

The -Style parameter can be used to color paper. Any valid CSS can be included in the hashtable for a style.

The following example creates paper with a red background.

New-UDPaper  -Content { } -Style @{ 
     backgroundColor = 'red'


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