🆕What's New in v5?

New features in PowerShell Universal v5.

New Admin Console

The admin console has been rebuilt using Blazor for ASP.NET. The look and feel are the same but more tightly associated with the backend Universal platform.

The admin console is also translated to additional languages by default.

Blazor Apps

Blazor apps are simplified user interfaces that take advantage of PSBlazor to allow for robust solutions with less coding.

Script Library

PowerShell Universal now ships with built in modules that can be install directly into the running instance to add resources without having to write code.

The Script Library is open source and contributions to the library will ship with the product.

PostgreSQL Support

PostgreSQL is now supported as a persistence store. PostgreSQL is open source and free.

Updated Runtimes

PowerShell Universal v5 is built on .NET 8 and PowerShell 7.4.

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